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Is soft washing Right for your Property?

Is soft washing Right for your Property?

Is soft washing Right for your Property?

Pressure washing in Altamonte Springs differs a lot from soft washing in a number of ways. One significant difference is that pressure washing obliterates stains from a surface while soft washing deals with the infestation of mold, bacteria, algae and other harmful micro-organisms. While you employ pressure washing in Altamonte Springs to blast away deep stains, you can perfect your cleaning process by soft washing to get rid of any harmful organism that might not be visible to you and consequently remove stain due to algae and mold accumulation.

From the start, Soft washing was introduced as a means of pest control by applying a gentle spray of chemical pesticides on commercial buildings, rooms, and sidings. This method worked, but the chemical used was pretty harsh. Therefore, bleach was added to water to get rid of bacteria, algae, mildew, and mold from buildings.

How is soft washing done today?

Just like pressure washing in Altamonte Springs, soft washing is widely recognized as a useful method of cleaning. The soft washing method used today consists of different types of solutions sprayed at reduced or low pressure to remove mildew, mold, and algae from a building’s exterior. Soft washing utilizes a specially made low-pressure spray nozzle for chemical application. This treatment method does not damage roof shingles or siding while it stops the existence of microorganism.

Soft washing helps to remove Stain

Black mold may be seen on the side of your home that is shady. Likewise, damp climate can also favor the growth of green slime. Fungus often develops on moist wood such as wood decking, shady fences and beneath the roof. This development leads to wood rot. Therefore, soft washing with the appropriate solution will remove these organisms and clear off their stain. Thus, soft washing, as well as pressure washing in Altamonte spring, can remove stains. It must be noted that different types of stains are involved in either case.

Soft washing along with pressure washing in Altamonte Springs will not destroy stained surfaces or painted surfaces. Soft wash can be used on pool decks and fences on which there are algae build-up. Also, soft washing is a good method of cleaning outdoor steps in shady usually harbors the growth of mold. In such places, mold can develop in one part and spread over the surface areas that are not touched by shoes.

Pressure washing vs. Soft washing

Pressure washing in Altamonte Springs will remove all traces of stains from a surface but will not kill the mold spores while soft washing applies the solution and not intended to remove the stain. The stain disappears as the applied solution works on the surface by destroying the infestation of mold and algae. The solution is then rinsed off. Soft washing works effectively on walkways, sidings, tiles as well shingle roof. Soft washing and pressure washing in Altamonte Springs each has their specific use. The pressure washing expert or professional pressure washing contractor in Altamonte Springs will determine the type of washing that is appropriate in any condition. Contact Ragin Cajun Soft Wash LLC today.