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Steps for Pressure Washing Your Concrete Pool

Steps for Pressure Washing Your Concrete Pool

Steps for Pressure Washing Your Concrete Pool

One of the coolest activities that kids love is washing the swimming pool with their parents. This could take a few days to do but it was done with smiles and cheer. This task is nowadays easier done with a pressure washer with better results too.

Pressure washing in Altamonte Springs is best recommended if you have a concrete swimming pool in your home as the pressure washer could be damaging to a fibreglass pool. You can also buy a pressure washer to clean your pool yourself if it is made of plaster or exposed aggregate to get it back to its best conditions. Here are some steps to follow when pressure washing your concrete pool.

Drain the pool

Drain all the water from the pool according to your residential guidelines and sweep it properly with a broom. Apply a nice spray of water to moisten the pool and then add the detergent to make it easier to wash.

Wash the walls first

The detergent begins to work after sitting for about 10 mins so you can begin to wash methodically moving around the walls. Don’t let the walls dry up with a mix of the detergent and dirt because it will be hard to remove later. Once you’re done washing the walls, use the wide-angle pressure nozzle to rinse the walls completely.

Wash the floor next

Use the same method as the walls to clean the floor. Let the detergent work for some time and then rinse off the floor. You can work from one end to the other so that you don’t waste energy and get good results.

Deal with algae

Most concrete pools commonly have algae growing on them. This can be removed effectively by using a high-pressure nozzle. A great way to prevent algae from growing on your pool is to make an algaecide solution and scrub all affected areas with a hard brush. Leave the algaecide to work for some minutes and then wash it off with plenty of water. Don’t ever run your pressure washer with chemical mixtures like chlorine or algaecides so that it doesn’t get damaged.

Turbo Nozzle for heavy duty wash

Dealing with those hard-to-remove stains and grime can be difficult especially if you have not washed your pool for a while. Turbo nozzles produce a strong jet that will provide excellent cleaning power without damaging the surface of your pool.


These steps are great for maintaining concrete pools, definitely not for fiberglass or other materials which require a different approach from professionals. For your quality pressure washing in Altamonte Springs, contact us today and we will be happy to help you clean your pool, driveway or siding without damaging the material. We make use of the latest technology in pressure washing to guarantee a thorough, long lasting job for you.