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Tips for Cleaning Your Roof Shingles

Tips for Cleaning Your Roof Shingles

Tips for Cleaning Your Roof Shingles

There are a lot of talk about the wisdom of using pressure washing contractors in Altamonte Springs FL to get your roof shingles cleaned after years of accumulating dirt and algae and other debris. While misusing a pressure washer or an untrained operator can lead to some damage of your roof shingles during cleaning, there is no reason why pressure washing of your roofing shingles will lead to any damage.

Here are some tips that will ensure that your roof shingles are cleaned thoroughly without any issues even though you use a pressure washer to get it done.

1. Keep the pressure washer at a minimal pressure setting

You might be tempted to put the pressure washer at the most powerful setting with the intention to get the job done quickly. This is counterproductive and can actually spoil your roofing shingles. You can get more debris off your shingles faster by using a low setting and allowing the water to do the job instead of excessive force. This removes the top layers of moss successfully without damaging the roof shingles in the process.

2. Avoid water getting under your roof shingles

If water seeps under your roof shingles, chances are it is going to leak in the not so distant future. Don’t point the pressure washer directly at the roof shingles. You apply the pressure wash at an angle such that the water runs off the roof naturally. This prevents water from accumulating under the shingles.

3. Take extreme caution when cleaning roofs with pressure washers.

Make no mistake about it. Using a pressure washer is highly dangerous and so many risks abound when you are on a roof with a piece of equipment. Roofing shingles are not the strongest to hold a grown man’s weight for so long especially with clumsy movements. Do your best not to step on places that you just finished washing because they will be quite slippery. Also ensure that you walk along support beams and keep your footsteps to the roof rafters for proper support. Also, do not lean overboard when cleaning your roof. Never ever stand on a ladder to pressure wash your roof because the force from the wand may cause you to become unbalanced. You should also ensure that you are using the correct cleaning tools and boots for proper traction.

If you want to clean your roof shingles and are not a fan of the DIY approach, you are better off hiring reputable pressure washing contractors in Altamonte Springs FL for your roof cleaning. Ragin Cajun Soft Wash is made up of professional cleaners and make use of the latest pressure washing equipment for any surface wash you need to do at home or at the office. To keep your home looking as clean and beautiful as possible, call us today and we will help you identify what solutions work best for you and at the most competitive prices you can ever imagine.

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