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What Could Go Wrong with DIY Pressure Washing?

What Could Go Wrong with DIY Pressure Washing?

What Could Go Wrong with DIY Pressure Washing?

Pressure washers are often used to clean the home and other parts of the surroundings. They are powerful machines and depending on the type that you have at home, you should be aware that pressure washing can be dangerous with a lot of risks. In fact, Consumer Reports indicated that more than 6,000 people ended up in the emergency room because of pressure washing mishaps.

How can a machine that shoots out water be so dangerous that you should hire a professional pressure washing contractor in Altamonte Springs to handle all your spring cleaning? Here are some risks you face when using a pressure washer without proper training.

1. Injury from high-pressure water stream

Imagine receiving a blast of water that is over 50 times more powerful from what comes out of your garden hose. The high-pressure jet of water from a pressure washer is strong enough to cut through concrete in some cases, construction boots and human flesh. If you lose control of a pressure hose, you could easily end up in the hospital with a severe injury.

2. Electrocution

Using an electric pressure washer requires maneuvering long power cables. If there’s a damage on the power cable and it gets in contact with water, the operator could get electrocuted. A pressure washer should only be operated where there is a safety circuit interrupter that can prevent electric shock.

3. Damage to expensive surfaces

A pressure washer is strong enough to cut through most common materials that are used around the house. If a blast of water from the pressure washer hits a window, it’s most likely going to be damages, same goes for paint, siding, seals and many other materials at home. This leads to a hefty repair and renovation bill which could be avoided by using pressure washing contractors in Altamonte Springs instead.

4. Chemical injury

Pressure washing sometimes requires the use of chemicals and strong cleaning agents. Because of the force of the water, a small cut to the skin could become even more dangerous than usual. The cuts inflicted by a pressure washing accident will be quite deep and could cause chemicals to get in contact with the bloodstream. This could cause serious health implications and infections that could be life-threatening.

Leave the job of pressure washing to professionals

Now that you understand how dangerous pressure washing could be, you now know why many people rather leave it to professionals. Speak to us today at Ragin Cajun Soft Wash today for your professional pressure washing of your window, gutter, pool and other areas.

We use high pressure equipment with a cleaning solution that will safely remove dirt and grime from your siding, roof and driveway without any damage to your property. We are also a local business that is highly recommended in the area for our efficient and courteous service. Call us today for a free consultation.