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Why You Should Clean Your Rain Gutters in The Winter

Why You Should Clean Your Rain Gutters in The Winter

Why You Should Clean Your Rain Gutters in The Winter

There are a lot of household chores that could be stressful to do but go a long way in helping your home to stay in shape. Rain gutters are used to direct water and other loose materials away from the roof. Once your rain gutters get blocked by leaves and other materials, chances are water stays on your roof which will cause your roof to begin leaking. This could further cause damage to your home.

Cleaning your rain gutters is something that must be done often, at least every 3 to 4 months, depending on the area you live in. If you are in an area where there are trees, falling leaves and many sources of debris, then you should clean it more often. You can also hire a pressure washing contractor in Altamonte Springs to help you provide a thorough wash of your rain gutters.

Here are good reasons why you should keep your rain gutters clean before and during the winter period:

1. Preventing pests and rodents

Cleaning your rain gutters in the summer and spring season will remove standing water from your roof. Stagnant water is a target for mosquitoes and other pests to lay their eggs which could cause your home to be infested with harmful pests. Clogged rain gutters also attract rodents who feed on the organic materials trapped on the roof and could even live there. Prevent this by cleaning your rain gutters and leaving it clean and clear at all times.

2. Clogged gutters lead to damage of your home

Clogged rain gutters lead to water getting retained on your roof which could lead to your home’s foundation being weakened. The standing water also could overflow into the ground right by your home and seep into the foundation. This is another way that a clogged rain gutter could lead to severe structural damage of your home. All this can be avoided by hiring a pressure washing contractor in Altamonte Springs to clean your rain gutters in readiness for the winter season and the constant onslaught of snow and melted ice.

3. Cleaning prevents gutter damage

Your rain gutters play a crucial role in your home and when you are in a woody area, chances are they get cluttered often. The buildup of leaves, twigs and other debris need to be cleaned in the autumn or else they will freeze. Once that happens, when the snow and other materials get into the gutters, they also stay inside, unable to move. This additional weight puts pressure on the rain gutters and could lead to them sagging or becoming misaligned. This weakens your roof and could even lead to expensive roof repairs. This is another reason why you must clean your rain gutters before the winter season.

Have your rain gutter cleaned today

Cleaning your rain gutters can be a chore that you may not be willing to undertake due to the difficulty. Hiring a pressure washing contractor in Altamonte Springs takes away all the stress of cleaning out your gutters. We at Ragin Cajun Soft Wash specialise in all types of exterior cleaning activities and will help you to get your home ready for the winter. Call us today on (407)-535-1290 or send an email to to request a free quote.