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Dangers of Putting Off Cleaning Your Gutters

Dangers of Putting Off Cleaning Your Gutters

Dangers of Putting Off Cleaning Your Gutters

If you have not cleaned your gutters lately, you cost yourself a whole lot of money and frustration. While using just thin pieces of metal, gutters affect your home from its top to its bottom. Here are some ways that dirty gutters may be destroying your home.  

Water in the Basement

If your Maitland, Florida, home has a basement, then water can get into it more quickly if you do not keep your gutters clean. When the gutters do not adequately move water to your downspouts or other devices meant to remove water from your roof, then the water falls where it wants on the ground. Notably, during heavy rain, the water may end up in your basement.  

Destroys Your Foundation

Not cleaning your gutters can lead to foundation failure. If the dirt around your foundation becomes too soft from standing water, then your foundation may shift. Standing water can also cause pier foundations to rot. Once your foundation moves, you are looking at thousands to get it put back in place. Until you do, windows and doors in your home will not shut properly, and your roof can separate from the rest of your home. Water that does not properly drain away from your home’s foundation is also a favorite breeding ground for pests.  

Damage Soffits and Fascia

Water and debris collecting in your gutters can ruin the fascia and the soffits. Water standing in gutters can cause the fascia, the board connecting your gutters to your roof, to rot. In extreme cases, water can then get under your roof, causing your home’s roof decking to rot. This area may also build up mold, which can be dangerous to your health and the health of your family. The soffits on your home can aid your home’s ventilation. When they do not operate properly, then your home may be warmer and more humid than necessary, which increases your energy bills.  

Roof Damage

Your home’s roof is your first line of defense during a heavy storm. Yet, when you have dirty gutters, you are making it more likely to fail. Water building up in your gutters can cause mold and algae to start growing, decreasing the lifespan of your roof. If water backs up on the roof, then damage to roofing materials can occur. If you have a flat roof, then dirty gutters can cause water to accumulate on the roof, and in extreme cases, make the roof fail.  

Everyone gets busy, so it is difficult to find the time to clean your gutters. Instead of cleaning them yourself, which can be hard and dangerous work, contact Ragin Cajun. He will be glad to come soft power wash your gutters leaving them sparkly clean. You can rely on this pressure washing in Maitland company to be reliable. Contact them today about pressure washing in Maitland.