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How Frequently Should You Pressure-wash your Roof?

How Frequently Should You Pressure-wash your Roof?

How Frequently Should You Pressure-wash your Roof?

It is usually obvious when the exterior of your property needs to be pressure washed, but the roof is one part of a house that most homeowners care less about. It may be true that the roof does not need much attention or cleaning like other parts of the house. It remains important to know that rain does not wash your roof shingles. In fact, wind and rain contribute to the accumulation of debris on the roof which causes moss and algae growth.

Let’s see how often you should pressure wash your roof in Altamonte Springs.

On the average, it is recommended that homeowners should pressure wash their roofs once in two or three years although it may be more frequent for Florida homes because of the harsh weather and heavy storms. Whenever you notice some dark patches on your roof, it means mold is growing on the roof. The type of pressure washing that a type of roof requires is different from that of another type of roof. For instance, tile roofs require soft pressure washing, same as asphalt composite shingle which you have to be extra careful with so you do not damage the granules.

Asphalt Roof

If your roof is an asphalt composite shingle roof, your pressure washer should deliver nothing beyond 30 psi. This is the equivalent of a garden sprayer, but you will need additional equipment to reach and wash the entire roof safely. You should hire professional pressure washing contractors in Altamonte Springs to pressure wash your asphalt roof for you. Professional pressure washing contractors will make sure they use non-toxic cleaners that are safe for use on metal fastenings and shingles.

Tile Roof

Tile roofs are widely used in Florida and when pressure washing tile roofs, you have to take extra precautions not to crack the tiles. The pressure washer should be set at a low-intensity level similar to that of an asphalt roof. To prevent the growth of moss on tile roofs, you can seal the tiles with a protective coating.


Rain gutters are prone to get blocked by debris like leaves, dirt and other things. Your pressure washing contractor in Altamonte Springs should pressure wash your roof’s gutters to get rid of debris in them. This will combat any form of mold growth on the walls and under the eaves of the roof. Hire a professional company like Ragin Cajun to carry out a thorough pressure washing of your roof.

At Ragin Cajun Softwash LLC., we use a special solution that is suitable for metal, tile and shingle roof while maintaining appropriate pressure levels for different kind of roofs. We serve Altamonte Springs and other neighboring suburbs. You can put a call through to speak with one of our representatives about your next pressure washing project.