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Metal Roof Cleaning Tips from the Pros

Metal Roof Cleaning Tips from the Pros

Metal Roof Cleaning Tips from the Pros

If you want to keep your metal roof in great condition, then you need to clean it regularly. When algae can grow on roofs, it greatly reduces the lifespan of the metal. Additionally, oxidation caused by the combination of water and oxygen can turn your roof an ugly color. Furthermore, rust may develop, and if it gets bad enough, cause holes to develop in the roof. Depending on the metal in the roof, a patina can form causing the roof to look ugly. Gutters that are not properly cleaned can allow water to seep under the roof causing roof leaks even if the metal remains in good shape. Therefore, you need to have your roof cleaned at least yearly with a deep cleaning done every three years. If you choose to not work with a professional roof cleaning in Maitland, FL. company, then problems can occur.

Soap Scum Left Behind

Many metal roofs are coated with a substance designed to reflect the sun better saving you money on your energy bill. When the power wash operator does not get all the detergent off, a scum is created on top of the coating. Then, the coating becomes ineffective. Work with a professional who understands how to get all soap scum off to avoid this problem. Additionally, when bleach is used improperly, it can break down the underlayment and other parts of the roof causing it to leak.

Wrong Type of Cleaning Done

There are two types of cleaning that your metal roof needs. The first type uses softer chemicals annually as this takes care of most problems. The second type uses harsher chemicals to take care of tougher problems, but it can hurt the top coating of metal roofs. Therefore, this second type should only be done every three to five years.

Wrong Chemicals Used

A variety of different metals can be used to make metal roofs. So, it is important that you work with an expert who understands how to clean different types of metal roofs. For example, copper roofs should generally not be cleaned with any harsh cleaner but cleaning them with lemon and water can improve their appearance drastically.

Safety Measures Ignored

Working on your roof can be deadly and dangerous if you do not know what you are doing or experience problems once you are up on the roof. Additionally, stepping on the wrong part of the roof can cause it to leak. If you have a problem with heights, then working on your own roof can be particularly hard.

There are many reasons that you should call a professional roof cleaning in Maitland, FL. company. Pick up the phone now and dial Ragin’ Cajun Softwash at 407-535-1290. They have the skills and knowledge to be your roof cleaning in Maitland, FL. company.