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Simple Gutter Cleaning Tips You Should Adopt

Simple Gutter Cleaning Tips You Should Adopt

Simple Gutter Cleaning Tips You Should Adopt

Many people are looking for easy and simple ways to clean their gutter. This task is pretty tedious and uninteresting. Neglecting it could, however, lead to more serious issues we do not hope for.

If you have gutters filled with leaves and debris, you should take a step. With this in mind, we present five ways to make gutter cleaning easier.

1. Be Careful with Your Ladder

Records have it that more than five hundred thousand people injure themselves annual from ladder falls. Avoid being a statistic. Be sure to use your ladder safely when you want to climb. Take for the following tips into cognizance when using one.

  • Let another person be on the ground when climbing, if possible, holding the ladder steady.
  • For added support, use only aluminum ladder or fiberglass
  • Clear away mud, debris, and ice from the ground level

2. Get Rid of Debris and Leaves

By the time autumn is ending, you will likely have dirt, debris, and leaves in your gutter. With a huge plastic spoon, get those leaves off. Don’t use a metal scoop as it could damage your gutter in the process.

With a garden hose, attach a spray nozzle. You can use this to blast off stubborn dirt and grime. Make sure you clean the downspout too as it tends to clog

3. Inspect the gutter Angle

While up the ladder cleaning, we recommend you inspect your gutter angles. If your gutter is in good condition, it should tilt towards the downspout.

As the years go by, debris, wind, and elements of the weather could make your gutter sag. If your gutter angle is not sloped enough, you could have water entering your house.

4. Check For Holes and Leaks

While up there, pour water from your roof and observe as it flows. Watch for leaks along the way. Look out for rusted spots and seams because this is where the problem persists. Get a silicon sealant or a roofing cement to seal up any small holes you find.

Be sure to get in touch with a roofing contractor if you find many large holes. It is best to replace those sections.

5. Keep your Eyes and Hands protected

On a final note, make sure you have the right safety gear before going up there. Those clogged gutters are notorious for bacteria, mold and other dangerous health hazards. There would also be dirty leaves and droppings of birds and squirrels.

Work with a thick glove to keep your hands dry and protected from the germs. Keep your eyes protected as well since anything might pop out while clearing the gutter.

Cleaning gutters sound tedious and many homeowners do not like it. However, it is recommended that you don’t out it off or postpone it.

Besides, you do not have to do the cleaning personally. Get in touch with us at Ragin Cajun Soft Wash LLC if you need the services of pressure washing contractors in Maitland Fl. With our expertise, we make your home sparkling clean.