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Steps to Removing Graffiti at Your Commercial Building in Maitland, FL

Steps to Removing Graffiti at Your Commercial Building in Maitland, FL

Steps to Removing Graffiti at Your Commercial Building in Maitland, FL

If you arrive at work one morning to discover that graffiti has been sprayed all over your business’ walls, then the first thing that you will want to do is to call the police. If you have any surveillance tapes that might show who did the damage, then make sure to save them. You may also want to call your commercial insurance provider to see if the damage is covered. In most cases, commercial insurance will pay for graffiti removal if the damage is higher than the deductible. Then, the next step is to get rid of the graffiti.

Can Graffiti be Removed with a Power Washer?

Removing graffiti can be difficult, but your best course of action is to hire an expert, like Ragin Cajun Soft Wash LLC, to use a power washer. One of the reasons that you will not want to try this yourself with a rented power washer is that if you do it at the wrong angle, you can wash away part of the building making it nearly impossible to remove the graffiti. On the other hand, if you do not hit the graffiti at the right angle, you will just spread the paint causing an even bigger mess. Finally, it takes a lot of work to get graffiti off a wall, and you have better things to do with your time.

Steps to Graffiti Removal

When you call a professional pressure washing in Maitland FL. company, then he will have the right tools and equipment to power wash your building safely. While you should trust the experts from Ragin Cajun Soft Wash to take the right steps based on your individual circumstances, generally they will:

  • Soft-pressure wash

    If the paint is not set well, then a soft pressure wash is all that may be required to remove the graffiti. Expect the expert to start about two feet away from the building in as inconspicuous as possible. The expert should attempt to wash the paint down and away from the building.

  • High-pressure wash

    If the soft pressure wash does not remove all the graffiti, then sometimes using a high- pressure wash helps to get the rest of the graffiti off.

  • Turbo nozzle

    Getting graffiti off brick and mortar can be much harder. The expert may put a turbo nozzle on the end of his hose to try to get the graffiti off.

  • Chemicals

    If power washing the building does not remove the graffiti, then the expert may use chemicals mixed with water in his sprayer to remove it.

While your first step should be to call the police and your insurance company, then your next step should be to call Ragin Cajun Soft Wash LLC at 407-535-1290. You will be thrilled with the results that this power washing in Maitland FL company delivers. While you are at it, go ahead and have them power wash the whole exterior of your commercial building along with your sidewalk.