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Tips for Pressure Washing Your Wood Fence

Tips for Pressure Washing Your Wood Fence

If the wooden fence on your property in Altamonte Springs no longer shines like it was when you installed it, you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a replacement. With simple steps, you can return the fence’s glorious days. The main reason why wooden fences lost their luster and shine is not that the wood itself has deteriorated. It is usually a result of grime and dirt that the fence has collected over time. Dirt affects the protective coating on the fence, and when this happens, the fence loses its look, and the wood starts looking old. Getting in touch with Ragin Cajun Softwash LLC. To get quality pressure washing in Altamonte Springs will help you restore your fence to its original state.

You can hire a professional or doing it yourself. If you choose the do-it-yourself option, look for a pressure washing company in your locality to rent a pressure washer. Make sure the washer has a pressure rating of 1500 PSI to 2000 PSI. You do not need a very powerful pressure washer to wash your fence, so you do not end up damaging the wood. The washer tip for washing your fence should be between 15 degrees and 25 degrees for effective pressure. If the 25-degree tip is not strong enough to wash the fence, you can switch to the 15-degree tip.

When you start pressure washing, maintain a distance of about 18 feet away from the fence and to wash the more resistant spots effectively, move closer as necessary. If you do the job effectively, you will notice the gray part of the wood falling off and revealing the underneath fresh wood. After washing the fence, wait till it dries off before attempting to glue the broken pieces of the fence. Then use a semitransparent oil stain to coat the wood.

Hire a professional

If you do not wish to bother going through the stress of pressure washing your fence by yourself, hire a professional to give your fence the best pressure washing in Altamonte Springs. You will not only be ensuring you are doing things the right way, but they will also make sure the best practices are used in the process of washing your fence. At Ragin Cajun Soft wash LLC., new offer this and more. Give us a call today at Ragin Cajun Soft Wash LLC. or send an email today to get an estimate for your next pressure washing in Altamonte Springs.